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peter.zhao November 4, 2002 12:07

Cell vertex V.S Cell centered
It's well known that finite volume has two classes. One is cell centered, and the other is cell vertex. I don't known which is better and why?

All comments are welcomed!

frederic felten November 5, 2002 18:30

Re: Cell vertex V.S Cell centered
Hi there,

A very good discussion about Cell-vertex and Cell-centered is available in chapter 3 of the following reference: "Principles of Computational Fluid Dynamics", P. Wesseling, Springer-Verlag, 2000. ISBN: 3540678530

I hope this helps, sincerely,

Frederic Felten.

peter.zhao November 12, 2002 21:51

Re: Cell vertex V.S Cell centered
Frederic Felten

Thanks a lot for your answer, but I have not this book, can you tell me what the book says about it?


frederic felten November 13, 2002 05:47

Re: Cell vertex V.S Cell centered
Hi peter,

I am currrently travelling and so I don't have the book with me, but be sure that I'll provide you with some insight as soon as I have time.

In the mean time, you could email Dr. Wesseling and ask him directly about some info about cell-vertex Vs cell-centered.


Frederic Felten.

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