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vince November 4, 2002 18:25

memory problems with a code on unix

I want to run a fortran code on an unix station but the execution generate errors due to insufficient memory. I precise that during the run the code need to write many intermediate files.

I think I need to extend the swapping memory. What are the unix commande which can solve my problem?


Rob November 5, 2002 04:31

Re: memory problems with a code on unix
I would firstly check that you have access to all of the standard memory. Depending on how the machine is set up you might have an allocation of only part of the total memory for any one job. For example, on one multi-processor machine I use there is 1GB of RAM, but the default setting is only 250MB for any job, unless you tell it otherwise.

Try issuing the command


and you should see a list of limits that can be set. In particular stacksize and memoryuse should be equal to the total memory available. To do this type

limit stacksize unlimited limit memoryuse unlimited

If you really need to use virtual memory then I think this can also be set with the command

limit vmemoryuse unlimited

but beware of using so much virtual memory that you can no longer write to disk.

Rob November 5, 2002 04:48

Re: memory problems with a code on unix - cont.
Sorry - message hasn't appeared quite as planned.

The commands

limit stacksize unlimited


limit memoryuse unlimited

should by typed separately.

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