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sheetal November 7, 2002 00:18

Onera M6 wing
Dear All,

Has anybody solved the Onera M6 wing problem mentioned on site

I have solved this in CFX Tascflow but the results are not matching with the experimental data given on the site. Please share your experiences.

regards, sheetal

Li Yang November 7, 2002 06:32

Re: Onera M6 wing
The exerimental data should be correct. You can check the data in the original report: AGARD-AR-138.



Praveen November 7, 2002 07:47

Re: Onera M6 wing
This is a very gentlemanly problem which every beginner of aerospace cfd solves. Mybe you should give details of your grid and flow solver, and tell us how the results differ from experiments ?

sheetal November 8, 2002 07:05

Re: Onera M6 wing

The grid size is approx. 0.75 million. I solved the problem using k-w as well as k-e model (CFX TASCflow). I tried UD as well as modified linear profile schemes. But all the results are more or less same. The exp data shows that there is shock formation at approx middle of the suction side of the wing. But my analysis shows that the shock is blown off from the surface. Means the results are like analysis done for lower angle of incidence or higher Mach number with respect to the experiment. The pressure coefficients plots are not matching especially on suction (top) side.

I am going through AGARD. Thanks


boling November 10, 2002 12:34

Re: Onera M6 wing
How about your grid distribution in the direction normal to the wall? Accoring to my experience, if there were not enough grids in boundary layer , you could not get the correct solution if you are using k-w model.

Sheetal November 11, 2002 00:15

Re: Onera M6 wing
I have already checked the grid distribution near the boundary. It is ok. I used structured mesh generated in ICEM Hexa. Has anybody solved the problem and got the correct result? The experimental results should be correct. Code may not be simulating correctly. On the same site they have mentioned the simulation done with WIND code and got the matching results.



boling November 11, 2002 12:01

Re: Onera M6 wing
could you try to solve the problem using the grid from that webpage ? I used to solve that using the grid from the webpage, it worked well.

sheetal November 11, 2002 23:52

Re: Onera M6 wing
Thanks boling!

I will do that.


Neale November 12, 2002 14:33

Re: Onera M6 wing
What do you mean by the grid distribution is OK at the boundary. How many control volumes do you have in the boundary layer?

You should probably be using SST with the automatic wall funciton treatment for this case, rather than k-omega or k-epsilon. Make sure you have at least 5-6 control volumes in your boundary layer with SST.


Subramanya_Naik May 28, 2009 11:30

Hi. Can anybody please forward me experimental data for Onera M6 wing. I am new to this . Can you help me? my mail id is

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