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Danard November 10, 2002 03:19

Mesh Independent Solution
Hi all,

Does anyone have the experience in getting the mesh independent solution for a unstructured mesh? The mesh I generated in the code contains tetrahedrons, prisms and pyramids. How could you refine your mesh in this case? Thanks for any inputs here!!!

raaj December 5, 2002 08:32

Re: Mesh Independent Solution
The following references should help...

# Pelletier D, Ignat L. 1995 from Johnson and Hughes "Quantification of Uncertainity in CFD-1995" FED-ASME, VOL.213.NY. 1995, pp. 31-36.

# Celik I, Chen CJ, Roache PJ, Scheurer G, eds. 1993 "Symposium on Quantification of Uncertainity in CFD" FED-ASME, Vol. 158. NY.pp. 109-20.

Can you please send it to me too, if you can find them ?

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