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Nabla Ltd. November 18, 2002 11:24

FOAM licensed free to academic institutions
Nabla Ltd announce that they are licensing FOAM free to academic institutions. FOAM is their C++ library for computational continuum mechanics used to solve a wide range of problems in fluid flow (CFD), stress analysis, electromagnetics etc.

FOAM is extremely well-suited to the academic community since it can be used to create tailored executables, or applications, that are each designed to solve a specific problem. The design of FOAM means that each application code is essentially a representation of the equations being solved, making for easy and quick implementations of new models and algorithms. FOAM resigns 'bolt-on' user subroutines and pages of old procedural code to history.

FOAM implements the second order Finite Volume discretisation on arbitrarily unstructured meshes. The advanced C++ at the core of the library provides: advanced error checking at both compile and run time; extremely robust application executables; high speed calculation with efficient memory management and fast solvers; parallel processing with linear speed up with number of processors.

The library includes as standard a large set of applications for basic CFD, multiphase flow, combustion, compressible flow, DNS, LES, heat transfer, stress analysis of solids and electromagnetics. The standard model libraries include: numerous turbulence and LES models; transport and thermophysical models of liquid and gaseous species; Lagrangian particle tracking; an implementation of the the Chemkin(TM) III chemical kinetics package for the analysis of gas-phase chemical and plasma kinetics.

All FOAM users have extensive support resources at their disposal: manuals in PDF and HTML format (; full Doxygen documentation of the C++ library; web site (; a discussion group (

FOAM also includes automatic mesh motion, that can be seamlessly integrated into applications. It is supplied with pre- and post-processing environments. The interface to the pre- and post-processing are themselves FOAM applications, thereby ensuring consistent data handling across all environments.

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