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guest November 18, 2002 12:37

Import to CAD - Gambit
hi, I have data for a geometry in x,y,z format in excel files. how do i import this into Gambit or autocad? i want to read the data as solid geometry into Fluent at later stages.

Helper. November 19, 2002 07:05

Re: Import to CAD - Gambit
Check the syntax of the input file for Gambit. I am sure you should be able to manipulate a text file output from excel such that it can be opened in Gambit or CAD. i would imagine iges would be a likely format.

An Modh Coinniolach November 19, 2002 07:10

Re: Import to CAD - Gambit
You can import vertex data into Gambit. Save your xyz data in a *.dat file and import to Gambit using >import >vertex data

guest November 20, 2002 07:23

Re: Import to CAD - Gambit
hi, i have tried importing as vertex data. but, i am getting errors. "error reading no. of points per curve and no. of curves"

Helper November 20, 2002 08:53

Re: Import to CAD - Gambit
Try importing a much smaller mesh first, say simply the points on the surface of a square of something. Then see where your error might be coming from.

ravi varma November 21, 2002 11:37

Re: Import to CAD - Gambit
i am having the same problem too. if one looks at the data file exported from gambit the syntax is different. it may be impossible to import from excel by manually typing a syntax to match so that gambit can read it. is there any VB code that can be used to import vertex data from excel into gambit?

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