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Hans November 19, 2002 04:13

Rotating machine analysis
As for Rotating machine analysis,such as fans,propellers, which commercial CFD code works the best ? It seems that the market are dominated by Fluent,Star-CD and CFX (TASCFlow). I don't believe the advertising words. I'd like to see the opinions from the experienced users here. Is there someone can do a fair comparision ? the advantages,drawbacks,limitations,...etc.


Bob November 19, 2002 07:49

Re: Rotating machine analysis
You should ask the industry people indeed. In the area of pumps and compressor CFX and CFX-Tascflow seem to dominate the field (>75% I once heard) due to their experience in sliding mesh, numerical treatments and specifically designed pre and post treatment for turbo machines. Additionally models such as cavitation are included, and the treatment of the BCs is also geared towards turbo machinery. You should ask for a demo pack if such thing exists.

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