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Shereef February 12, 1999 12:46

NACA 6A-series airfoil data
I'am trying to test a 2D potential flow code over NACA airfoils, but I don't have analytical solutions nor any experimental data of the airfoil ordinates and the corresponding pressure distribution, if anyone can provide me with these data or knows where I can find them I'll be very gratful.


Sergei Chernyshenko February 12, 1999 14:35

Re: NACA 6A-series airfoil data
Start at and good luck. Note NVFoil there, it might be useful.

If all you need is to check a potential flow solver, why NACA airfoils? Joukowskii will do just as well.

Kais Saadeddin February 15, 1999 06:25

Re: NACA 6A-series airfoil data
hi Shereef, I've done some simulation on 3D-code upon the NACA65 ... Profile. If you can use my results please let me know.

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