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Mark Render November 27, 2002 05:50

Transforming results in rotating reference frame
Hi all,

I've calculated a mixer flow with rotating frame of reference. In post processing get the variables in the stationary coordinate system. If I want to have the results seen from the rotating impeller I decided to subtract the circumferancial velocity from my results. And now I'm thinking if I have to manipulate the pressure also ?

Could someone give some thought about that ?



Praveen November 27, 2002 08:20

Re: Transforming results in rotating reference fra
By pressure I assume you are refering to STATIC pressure. This does not depend on the motion of the reference frame, because pressure at a point is the normal force per unit area exerted on an imaginary surface that is moving at the local fluid velocity. This pressure is isotropic so that orientation of the surface is not important.

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