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Matthias November 27, 2002 15:32

Integration using DDASSL
Hi all

I'd like to use the DDASSL subroutine in order to integrate a system of PDE/ODE. But I couldn't find any example which gives me a model problem at the hand, which I can use for my purposes.

Is there anybody who can give me some advice or has used this module already.

Thanks in advance Matthias

Mario November 28, 2002 07:03

Re: Integration using DDASSL
Hi Matthias,

I used dassl for solving stiff ode's when solving steady state flamelet libraries. However, I found on web also some examples using dassl, but I never looked at it. Dassl prologue was enough for me. But, I can give you those examples. You can contact me on my upper e-mail.

Regards, Mario

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