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John November 28, 2002 10:43

math description of CFD
Hi, Can anyone give me a very brief mathematical explaination description of the CFD solution process, like does the code start by solving the continuity eqn then solve the navier-stokes eqn and from there solve the energy eqn, etc. From initial conditions to solve a reacting flow.(using FVM). Point form explaination would be great, maybe that is too much i don't know??

Thanks in advance,


prasat November 28, 2002 11:18

Re: math description of CFD
In reacting flows you have navier-stokes equation,continuity equation,energy equation,convection diffusion reaction equation for each species. Now you have initial velocity, you solve for velocity and pressure using Navier-stokes and continuity equation. Now energy equation is to be solved for temeparature of the reacive species you are say a reaction A + B ------->C so Ta,Tb and Tc is be get by energy equation. Now using CDRE you have to solve for Ca,Cb,Cc but this will need some initial condition in which you define how your A and B species are spread in your domain. I think i answered your question the CDRE is some like NAvier-stokes eqiation but insted viscosity you have diffusivity, instead of Re you have Sc. And the nonlinearity is in Reaction equation. The easiest way is to assume isothermal rection. bye prasat

Holidays December 13, 2002 03:34

Re: math description of CFD
Best concise and easy-to-read book is that by Versteeg & Malalasekera, Longman, (1995).

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