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Paolo Castellano November 28, 2002 14:38

Dodge Viper Top Speed
I am looking for someone who can help me figure out how fast my Viper GTS will be able to go and at what point would the car become airborn if at all. I have had the car up to close to 200 MPH and the car felt very stable. I am having the car Supercharged and will have around 900 RWHP/1050 crank HP with similar torque #'s. Form what I have been able to gather, the Viper drag coefficient is .35 and the frontal area is roughly 23 sq. ft. I will be running a 27.4" tire, a 3.07 rear end gear and a .62 6th gear ratio. These ratios will allow the car to go at least 250 MPH. I went to a website that had a spread sheet that calculated the rear wheel HP needed to go a certain speed based on gearing, drag and frontal area. I plugged in the #'s for a stock Viper into this spread sheet and it came up with 192 MPH which a stock Viper has gone 192.6 in one of the magazine tests. This spread sheet says the car will go about 240 MPH with 900 RWHP.

Here is the question I need someone to help me with: Will the car stay on the ground? I know the Lingenfelter Twin Turbo Corvette went 226 MPH with about 600 RWHP(The Corvette having a Cd of .29 and a frontal area of 21.3 sq.ft.=> That spread sheet came within 1 MPH of getting the Vette's top speed base don that drag, gearing and HP) Paolo Castellano

Anders December 6, 2002 07:06

Re: Dodge Viper Top Speed
Hi, Interesting question... I'm not an expert on Vipers, but the type of performance cars that you are refering to, I assume have a negative lift coefficient (i.e. downforce) so that it shouldn't take off at any speed unless passing a crest or bump throwing air inunder the car.

A. S. December 12, 2002 06:16

Re: Dodge Viper Top Speed

Can I get the name of the site where the spread sheet for the above calculation is lying.


A. S.

Paolo Castellano December 12, 2002 11:21

Re: Dodge Viper Top Speed
A.S., here is the page you requested: My rear end gear is 3.07, my transmission gear is a .62, my overall tire diameter is 27.4". The Cd is .35, I used frontal area of 23 sq ft. My car will have approximately 900 RWHP and 900 RWLBS/FT.

A. S. December 12, 2002 12:56

Re: Dodge Viper Top Speed
Hi Paolo,

Sorry to disturb you again, the webpage address is missing in your reply.


Paolo Castellano December 12, 2002 23:47

Re: Dodge Viper Top Speed
Sorry, here it is;

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