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MissNancy November 29, 2002 18:24

effective? turbulent? laminar?
Guys, I have got two stupid questions for you :) 1) In the famous drag-particle reynoulds number: Cd=Rep/24(1+0.15*Rep^2/3); for which Rep=dp*Ur*rho/mu; now my question is, to determine the particle Reynoulds number, what type of fluid viscosity do I have to use (effective? turbulent? laminar? viscosity?) 2) In the Saffman Lift Force, there is a viscosity (or kinematice viscosity),what type of viscosity do I have to use here (effective? turbulent? laminar? viscosity?)


mukhopadhyay November 29, 2002 23:17

Re: effective? turbulent? laminar?
(1)laminar. laminar viscosity is fluid property while 'turbulent' viscosity is a consequence of the flow, depends on the flow characteristics and coordinates.

MissNancy November 30, 2002 02:08

Re: effective? turbulent? laminar?
Yes I know that, but which one do I have to use in the above two equations?

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