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A. KARIV December 4, 2002 03:46

Integrated CFD/EFD tool for aerodynamics
Is there any CFD/ EFD code that integrates the whole analysis procedure, from CAD down to a formatted aerodynamic database (steady state and dynamic coefficients)? floworks looks like a good start, integrating with CAD but I am not sure about the integration into overall coefficients. PSW has the right approach but is limitted to VLM capabilities. any suggestions?

Leo December 6, 2002 02:06

Re: Integrated CFD/EFD tool for aerodynamics
I'm not an experienced CFD user but i've tried several progs including Floworks PE for aerodynamics, and in my opinion you could never consider it for aero project unless you are looking for preliminary values (when i said "preliminary" i mean unaccurate)pathlines or pressure distributions.Their mesh generation lacks of any kind of decent refinement and all i can get is a rough representation of my original geometry after using the soft for some weeks.Not to mention the absence of turb models,boundary layer and so on. If you want to obtain some decent results youŽd better start looking some place else.

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