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Vijay Kumar Thaker February 16, 1999 04:51

Finite Volume
HELP !!!!! I need basic and intermediate understanding of finite volume. Do you people know where I can can get that on the net. Please help. Thank you.


John C. Chien February 16, 1999 11:28

Re: Finite Volume
(1). write down the Navier-Stokes equations in integral form . You can find it in handbooks or textbooks. ( normally, Navier-Stokes equations are written in differential form, which you can also find in handbooks and textbooks) (2). define your problem and your computational domain.(the area which you are trying to solve) (3). divide the computational domain into small volumes ( something like small cubes. this requires the so-called mesh generation) (4). apply the integral Navier-Stokes equations to each small volumes.(integrate the equation over each finite-volume) (5). apply the necessary approximations to each terms in the equation so that you can actually perform algebraic numerical integration. ( to compute each integral terms ) (6). now, for each finite volume there is a set of algebraic equations to solve. apply the boundary conditions to the complete set of equations and solve the unknowns using iterative methods, explicit methods, or implicit methods. (7). most CFD books cover finite-difference and finite-volume methods. You may want to visit a local college and check out one which matches your needs.

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