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seeker01 December 10, 2002 04:55

mould flow in casting process
I would like to use CFD method to simulate the flow of molten metal in the mould of casting process, such as sand casting.

As you know, the mould has inlet(s), called gates, but no outlet. The molten metal will flow to fill up the mold.

I want to analyse the problem in 2D. What CFD technique is suitable for me?

The flow is incompressible and viscous and unsteady.

If you do have source code, can you email me for reference?


CFD Man December 10, 2002 19:20

Re: mould flow in casting process
There have been extensive research on this area using VOF. Try to search with these key words: CFD+VOF+cast*/mould*

You should be able to get plenty of references.


seeker01 December 10, 2002 22:13

Re: mould flow in casting process
what is VOF ?

CFD Man December 11, 2002 01:43

Re: mould flow in casting process
Its a free surface modeling technique. Stands for volume of fluid.


chidu December 18, 2002 10:37

Re: mould flow in casting process
The group of Douglas Kothe at Los Alamos National Laboratory is working in this area. You can search in their website. They also use the VOF method.

regards, chidu...

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