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CFD Newbie December 14, 2002 22:48

VOF steady state?
I have been running VOF simulations with a commercial CFD program. The problem is prety simple, a drop of liquid falling over a sphere at very small liquid velocities. Air is flowing around at velocities 50% higher. The simulations have reached 12 real seconds but the streamline keep on changing. May I expect to reach to steady state?

Thnx for any idea.

CFD Newbie

Alisa December 16, 2002 01:00

Re: VOF steady state?

Alisa December 16, 2002 01:03

Re: VOF steady state?
From VOF steady state converged solution using Fluent, I have got many baaaad results (which doesn't make any sense). I am not sure with other softwares. I suspect, the mesh I developed was wrong, so I am focusing on this, rather runing too many cases using Fluent.

How much confident you are about your mesh (aspect ratio, growth rate) and how much refined mesh you have on the interface??


CFD Newbie December 16, 2002 01:23

Re: VOF steady state?
The mesh is quite simple ( I'm using also Fluent)using simple tetrahedral elements. I have refined the domain globally and not only in the interface as the shape is important but there are also other phenomena I want to model in the interior of the liquid. The shape I got does not much sense but the worst is that steady state seems far still.

Thnx for your reply

Cfd Newbie

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