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Mike Zagorski December 19, 2002 16:58

CFD vs. traditional methods?

I am writing an architecture dissertation just now and a small part of it briefly covers CFD. I have read that CFD was used to study air flow in a potential fire in a building.. Is this possible using traditional mathematical methods or limited to computer simulation?

Are there architecture related aspects that can be analysed with only CFD - and not with a physical model?...

I appreciated any responses.



Allan Morriison December 19, 2002 17:15

Re: CFD vs. traditional methods?
I did a google search using "sofie cfd" and got many hits.

SOFIE = simulation of fires in enclosures.

One of the better ones seems to be at

Mike Zagorski December 19, 2002 17:19

Re: CFD vs. traditional methods?
Thanks for the prompt reply.. I am checking out that page right now.


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