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Achilles Vassilicos December 20, 2002 12:18

Books for Combustion
Hello to all,

Could the forum members suggest some good books books on theoretical and computational combustion, both introductory and advanced. In particular, I am interested for a few books for the seasoned Fluids/CFD analyst who wishes to get into combustion.

Best regards Achilles Vassilicos

Pete December 20, 2002 12:49

Re: Books for Combustion
One good theoretical text is "An Introduction to Combustion" by Stephen R. Turns. Quite readable and easy to follow.

Holidays December 21, 2002 08:54

Re: Books for Combustion
There's also the excellent book of Poinsot et al. I'm not sure I have the exact title but it should be "Theoretical and Numerical Combustion"... I'm only sure of the author and I don't have the ref with me. but the book is good.

Mark December 22, 2002 08:43

Re: Books for Combustion
Computational Fluid Dynamics in Industrial Combustion by Baukal, Charles E.

Numerical Modeling in Combustion by T.J. Chung, check this website for table of contents

Petar January 15, 2003 14:28

Re: Books for Combustion
"Principles of Combustion" by Kenneth Kuo

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