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prasat December 23, 2002 04:14

pipe flow(laminar)
Hai, I have simple thing to ask you?Does anybody have a solved case of pipe flow(laminar).With description about how boundary conditions is applied and summary of all the results. thanks you in advance

Brandy December 23, 2002 18:00

Re: pipe flow(laminar)
Well, put inlet BC at one edge and inlet also in the other edge.

Make the pipe is long enough to build a flow (parabolic).

Hope this helps.


prasat December 24, 2002 06:03

Re: pipe flow(laminar)
No what I am looking for is solved case so that I can look into my solutions

AMV December 24, 2002 12:51

Re: pipe flow(laminar)
I have axi-symmetric code . Do you want it ?

yfyap December 24, 2002 20:23

Re: pipe flow(laminar)
dear prasat, i have some results for 3d square ducts (developing and fully developed flow). i'm not sure if this is what you are looking for. please feel comfortable to contact me. thanks. regards, yfyap

Manish December 28, 2002 05:50

Re: pipe flow(laminar)
hi prasat, i have codes for square duct flow, based on SIMPLE algorithum, it is for 3-d parabolic flow, both developing and developed flow, may be it can be helpfull for you, if you need the same, mail me i will send you. bye

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