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MP December 30, 2002 15:18

CFD for Rotating Bed
Hi forum,

I need some information on modeling of transverse motion of bed in a rotary lime kiln specially using FVM approach.I gather from some sources that VOF approach would be useful in this as the reaction involves a phase change.I would appreciate any suggestions on type of approach to be taken.

Jim Park December 30, 2002 18:28

Re: CFD for Rotating Bed
OK, I admit to a blank spot. Is this kiln rotating about a vertical, horizontal, or skewed axis?

If it's vertical, there might be a chance to do some angular averaging, reducing a 3-d problem to two dimensions. Maybe not ...

Finite volume would be my choice, but that's a result of my training, experience, (and bias!)

MP December 31, 2002 15:10

Re: CFD for Rotating Bed
hi jim the kiln is bascially inclined at a small angle(1-20) from the horizontal...finite volume looks like a good choice...but implementation seems a issue..

MP January 4, 2003 12:30

Re: CFD for Rotating Bed
sorry the angle is 1-2 degree and not 1 -20 !!!!

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