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Navdeep January 10, 2003 05:07

Convergence Crieteria for pressure terms in N-S eq
Hello everybody

Happy New Year

i am solving N-S equations and i encountered problems in the convergence of thye pressure terms. what is the best way to converge easy andfast. i am solving both steady and unsteady state equations. Thanks Navdeep

Manish January 13, 2003 03:20

Re: Convergence Crieteria for pressure terms in N-
I solved the same by SIMPLE method, if you are using the same, then the solution will be.. For 2-D problem, then factor 'b' in pressure discratisation equation, which is generaly used for source term should be sufficiently small. for details u should see book by Patankar. For 3-D problem, there is no need for any convergance criteria, just apply four or five iterative TDMA loops over pressure equation(discratised), it will give results. I hope this can be help full. look for other people.. best of luck Happy Lohri

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