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Robert Leyse January 12, 2003 19:50

Question for Jim Park (or others)
Jim Park, Thank you for the discussion on limits of CFD in the arena of fouling. Could you please post references to meetings/conferences where the matter has been discussed?

Jim Park January 12, 2003 23:20

Re: Question for Jim Park (or others)
Sorry, I can't. I turned in all of those proceedings when I retired.

Try ASME, Pressure Vessels, also Fluids Engineering;

American Nuclear Society

American Society of Civil Engineers.

A lot of these will be in the 70's and 80's.

There's also the possibility that I'm remembering blocks of sessions within larger meetings. In other words, not an entire meeting but sessions in two or three days out of five.

It was certainly a hot topic for a while when nuclear power stopped expanding.

Hussam November 24, 2009 04:13

VOLVOF: An Update of the CFD Code, SOLA-VOF
Dear Dr. Park
I am working on the development of the program SOLA-VOF written in a FORTRAN Language for include two phase flow (liquid-liquid) is combined with the Continuous Surface Force (CSF) algorithm, according to

Kothe, D. B., Mjolsness, R. C. and Torrey, M. D., 1991, “RIPPLE: a computer program for incompressible flowswith free surfaces”, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Report LA – 12007 – MS
Brackbill, J. U., Kothe, D. B. and Zemach, C., A continuum method for modeling surface tension, J. Comp. Phys. 100, 1992, 335--354.

I have read and saw your work, "VOLVOF: An Update of the CFD Code, SOLA-VOF". Your work is very important and useful to me.

I want to test program SOLA-VOF to solve the Broken Dam problem but with an obstacle. I find some difficults, how the representation of the obstacles.

I very need your help.

Yours sincerely
Hussam Ali Khalaf

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