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Seaspace January 14, 2003 12:10

Help on numerical radiation
What is the best reference for finite volume method or discrete ordinate method to resolve the Radiation Transfer Equation?

Ahmed January 15, 2003 06:12

Re: Help on numerical radiation
there are many references discribing these methods, 7 Finite Volume Method For Radiation Heat Transfer John C. Chai, Haeok S. Lee, Suhas V. Patankar J. of Thermophysics and Heat transfer vol. 8 1994 3 Prediction of Radiative Transfer In Cylindrical Enclosures With The Finite Volume Method E. H. Chui, G. D. Raithby, P. M. J. Hughes J. of Thermophysics and eat Transfer Vol. 6 1992 4 Computation Of Radiant Heat Transfer On Nonorthogonal Mesh Using The Finite Volume Method E. H. Chui, G. D. Raithby Num. Heat Transfer , Part B vol. 23 1993 5 Implementation of the Finite Volume Method for calculating radiative Transfer in a Pulverized Fuel Flame E. H. Chui, P.M. Hughes , G. D. Raithby Comb. Sciences and Technology vol. 92 1993

nuray kayakol January 15, 2003 07:20

Re: Help on numerical radiation
Text book of M. Modest ( a good starting point to understand radiative transfer equation and discrete ordinates method (DOM). There is 1D aparalel plate and 2D rectangular enclosure solution of DOM is available in that book. For further information the papers of Fiveland (see the ref.section of Chapter 15 of the book) are the basic ones.

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