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Erich Fitzpatrick February 19, 1999 12:31

Flow Visualization (FAST)
Anyone have recommendations for flow visualization/animation that might be better than FAST 1.3b? Have seen Tecplot, but looking for something more geared for animation.

Thanks, Erich

Jeroen van der Zijp February 19, 1999 14:53

Re: Flow Visualization (FAST)
CFDRC's CFD-VIEW Visualization package has a number of animation facilities:

1) Automatic in-betweening for camera positions, sweeping

of planes and isosurfaces, as well as particle traces.

2) Automatic sequencing through numbered data files, or

watching of solution progress by monitoring Flow Solver

output file changes.

3) Direct generation of numbered images from the above,

as Iris RGB, BMP, or MPEG digital video streams.

Please check for more details, as well as example outputs.



Joern Beilke February 19, 1999 16:40

Re: Flow Visualization (FAST)
EnSight - very powerful

FieldFiew - some year ago not so powerful as EnSight but easier to use an learn

There is something within the ICEM package (visual3)

Most commercial CFD-codes have some animation capabilities in their postprocesors.

Robin Bornoff February 22, 1999 03:15

Re: Flow Visualization (FAST)
Flomotion by Flomerics is a superb flow visualisation animation tool but can only be used in conjunction with Flotherm and Flovent. Have a look anyway:

<A HREF=> </A>


Mike Salari March 17, 1999 00:06

Re: Flow Visualization (FAST)

If you are looking for nice animation check ICEM CFD VIS3. It will take minutes to learn how to do animation, release particles, take any flat or curved cuts, 2-d plots, etc... Check out

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