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lei January 17, 2003 07:27

solar reflection on the sea
Can anyone tell me how to calculate the reflection of solar radiation on the sea? Does this reflcetion has relationship with height? That is to say, if surfaces have the same area but with different heights, will they get the same refection or different amount ? Thanks in advance!

Patrick Godon January 17, 2003 11:05

Re: solar reflection on the sea
Dear Lei,

this is more a physics problem rather than a CFD one.

From simple optics you need to know the indices of refraction of air (atmosphere) and water (sea) and it is a function of the angle of incidence. I guess for salty water the index might be slightly different than for regular water. Part of the radiation is reflected and part of it is transmitted, depending on the angle and the two indices. I would suggest you take a book on basic optics for that matter. If not I am sure a book on climatology/meteorology might have the info you are looking for. I just don't remember the exact relations and I don't have any book on that at hand right now.

Cheers, Patrick

lei January 19, 2003 00:38

Thanks Patrcik. If anyone had some experience on such a problem? And could you please tell the exactly name of the book for this problem? Thanks a lot.

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