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leo January 23, 2003 23:09

what software can do coal+caco3 combustion?
Hi fluent users, now i am working for simulation of pulverized coal combustion and CaCO3 decompose ( CaCO3->CaO+CO2). I know a lot of code can do coal combustion, but I want to konw what code can do coal combustion and the CaCO3 model, if ok, how to carry it out?

thank you!

mukhopadhyay January 25, 2003 01:16

Re: what software can do coal+caco3 combustion?
I am bit confused. You mention you are working on coal combustion and caco3 decomposition - are you using FLUENT (because you're addressing FLUENT users)? Or, are you working with your own formulation, etc. presently and want to use FLUENT or someother SW?

You are having knowledge about 'a lot of code' for coal combustion, can you share that info kindly - which codes?

'how to carry it out' - Do you mean how the numerical simulation to achieve solution is to be performed when using a SW?

Quite long ago I worked on coal injection and combustion. There was no CFD available in the public domain that time. The general approach comprised experimentation and theoretical analysis thru concepts of pneumatic conveyance,devolatilisation and comustion kinetics etc. I am interested in knowing how the SWs are tackling (typical)issues like volume changes and conservations thereof, addressing turbulence for multiphase system including solids, etc.

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