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Romuald February 5, 2003 13:06

V2F model and laminar separation

I found that the length of a laminar separation bubble is strongly overestimated by the V2F model (ERCOFTAC T3L test case). The reason is an insufficient turbulence production in the shear layer between bubble and main flow, and therefore a too late transition. Does someone know some references on this subject, or can someone give me some hint how the V2F model can be improved for laminarly separated flow?

Thank you in advance


Bredberg February 17, 2003 05:05

Re: V2F model and laminar separation

I find the V2F-model quite interesting. It seems to perform rather good in many cases, however it is constantly changed, and you may find an older or newer version being more appropriate for your laminar case. Please consult some of the following paper which all contain a different version of the V2F (there may of course be more than what you find in this list):

"Near-wall Turbulence...", Durbin, Theoret. Comp. Fluid Dynamics, #3, pp 1-13, 1991 "Application of a near-wall", Durbin, Int. J. Heat and Fluid Flow, Vol 14, #4, pp 316-, 1993 "Separated Flow Comp....", Durbin, AIAA J, Vol 33, #4, pp 659-, 1995 "Non-linear k-eps-v2...", Lien & Durbin, CTR summer program 1996 "Application of the k-eps...", Iaccarino & Durbin, CTR summer program 1996 "Computations of transonic...", Lien & Kalitzin, Int. J Heat and Fluid Flow, Vol 22, pp 53-61, 2001.

Eventhough the models are quite similar, there are some differences for C_mu, C_1 etc. CTR-papers could be downloaded from

Regards Jonas

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