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anne February 11, 2003 11:51

about SIMPLE algorithms
hi, dear all:

I am a beginner for CFD process, Could you please tell me where can I find some info about CFD algorithms, especially, SIMPLE algorithm. Books or Website are welcome!

Thanks a lot!

gita February 11, 2003 13:43

Re: about SIMPLE algorithms

Refer to Suhas V Patankar's Numerical Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow. Also visit cfd-online resources page and do the search and you will find umpteen no of articles related to the field.


Mark February 11, 2003 14:52

Re: about SIMPLE algorithms

The best description I found was in " An Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics; the finite volume method, by H.K Versteeg and W Malalasekera.


Choi February 11, 2003 22:34

Re: about SIMPLE algorithms
I recommend the book titled as "Computational methods for fluid dynamics". - Peric & Ferziger

mukhopadhyay February 11, 2003 23:30

Re: about SIMPLE algorithms
three books have been suggested - patankar, versteeg and peric if your purpose is to 'find some info' then you may like to consult versteeg which is primarily for people who will use some software packages having gained 'some info'on cfd. if you are serious about developing (with staggerred grid) formulation-discretisation-coding, then read patankar. while reading patankar, work out yourself paying attention to virtually each line of the book. there is another book, well written - by murlidhar and biswas, available mainly in india. my suggestion will be, after patankar or alongwith patankar, also read the book by anderson, tannehill & pletcher. after these two, you may consult peric.

Reader February 12, 2003 03:10

Re: about SIMPLE algorithms
Dear mukhopadhyay, is it a "Shift" key on your keyboard? If yes, why you don't use it?

mukhopadhyay February 12, 2003 23:58

Re: about SIMPLE algorithms
if it's creating that much inconvenience, i shall use some caps, provided my fingers cooperate. Thanks.

izardy March 7, 2003 04:39

SIMPLE step by step
i need an example of a problem where they use SIMPLE method to solve the problem . i'm having trouble to understand how they solve the descretized momentum equation , and pressure correction too .i think i confuse with the staggered grid .

if could i need a very detail example . please help me ..i'm really desparate to learn this method,please email me examples...i really need it . i need examples not theories(can find it by my own)..please please please

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