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Greg Perkins February 17, 2003 19:41

VOF Interfacial Area - 2D/3D Reconstruction Method
Has anyone developed and willing to share some code for calculating the interfacial area in VOF?? Or alternatively the basic algorithm??

I'd like to calculate the interfacial area in 2D/3D using a geometric reconstruction method (like in FLUENT) or a method of D. L. Youngs etc. - but rather than writing it myself, I was wondering whether somebody has developed some code in Fortran or C and is willing to share it with me. Alternatively I'd be interested in the algorithm for these calculations in 3D.


Regards Greg

zouchu February 18, 2003 05:43

Re: VOF Interfacial Area - 2D/3D Reconstruction Me
You can find Zaleski code of VOF method: His OpenCFD homepage: and the code page: Thanks for the excellent work from Zaleski.

LyngHoo September 10, 2012 04:05

Hi, everyone

Has anyone found any codes or algorithms for calculating the interface area in VOF. Could plz share the codes or algorithms with me if you got any.

Thanks a lot.

Regards Lynghoo

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