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Jim February 19, 2003 13:22

MULTIGRID at the wall

After reading a few archived messages on this site it seems that people are still having problems with getting CFD with multigrids to work accurately in the region of turbulent boundary layers.

I am also having problems with getting my multigrid to work accurately near the wall (FVM, structured grid with RANS k - omega turbulence model)

The problems are with what boundary conditions to specify on the coarsegrids at the wall (which fall in log layer).

my questions are therefore:

* does anybody know of any references (papers, thesis, etc...) about successful simulation of turbulent flows using multigrid methods with wall-laws and RANS?

* if you use multigrid and wall-laws do you need to use the wall-laws on ALL levels or can you just use them on the most coarse grids?

* which multigrid methods are good/bad when simulating fluid flow in turbulent boundary layers?

* is there anyone out there that has had similar problems and would like to share their experiences of how they sucessfully implemented a multigrid method using wall-laws for the most coarse levels?

thanks all


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