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CHRIS February 23, 1999 18:28

2D unstructured CFD code
Does any body know where can I get 2d source code(free) for solving navier-stokes equation on unstructured meshes (FV)? Thanks a lot!

Heinz Wilkening February 24, 1999 09:00

Re: 2D unstructured CFD code

you could have a lock at Mohammadi's code NSC2KE. Source-code and manual download by anonymous ftp from under pub. Addiational information in: B. Mohammadi, O. Pironneau Unsteady separated turbulent flows computation with wall-laws and k-epsilon model Comput. Methods Appl. Mech Engrg 148 (1997) pp. 393-405

If this does not satisfy you may could maybe get our own developed code REACFLOW, which is a 2-D/3-D unstructured CFD-Code for chemical reactive flows and more.

Ciao Heinz

hadi golestani March 11, 1999 06:41

Re: 2D unstructured CFD code

Farran,M. March 17, 1999 12:06

Re: 2D unstructured CFD code
if u need it .. i also search about it... u wiil find in 1- under Resources... 2- 3- or search for public domain in CFD in Unstructured GG in any search web site...

if u have any thing please contanct me , and if u havn't also contact me...

i'll wait ur response

Eng. Farran

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