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Selina Tracy February 26, 2003 23:35

#1 & #2 CFD site is cfd-online-google
After I read an article of Wall Street Journal on the ever increasing efforts of companies to put their site on the top list of google, I checked it with CFD. Google shows this site has top 1 and 2 links to the other site.

However, this disscusion forum does not look making any progress in terms of the number of person involved and the depth of topic as well. I might be wrong.


Jonas Larsson February 27, 2003 04:59

Re: #1 & #2 CFD site is cfd-online-google
We are certainly making progress in terms of traffic. More than 9,000 people (unique IP addresses) visit the site every week now, reading 100,000 web-pages per week. The diagram below shows the traffic development over the last 5 years. As you can see traffic has increased from 50,000 to almost 500,000 over this period.


Jan Rusås February 27, 2003 08:05

Re: #1 & #2 CFD site is cfd-online-google
Thanks for a nice site Jonas, and I really do not care about the statistics, for me is CFD-online usefull. But I do have a question to your statistics, just curious about how it is couted.

If a question has say 20 responses, which means that if you want to read them all then you need to open 21 pages. Does that count as 21 web pages in your statistic in contrast to a forum where the question and all answers can be seen on the same single page.

Regards Jan

Jonas Larsson February 27, 2003 08:57

Re: #1 & #2 CFD site is cfd-online-google
A new "page" is counted each time someone clicks on a link and gets a new web-pages. Hence, since each message is normally displayed on one page a page-visit is counted each time someone reads a message (irrespective if it is the first message or a response to another message).

Each visitor on average reads about 10 pages per visit.

Holidays February 27, 2003 13:21

Re: #1 & #2 CFD site is cfd-online-google
As Jan, I like the site very much too and find it very useful. I have been reading it from the (next to) very beginning.

BeachComber February 27, 2003 14:39

Re: #1 & #2 CFD site is cfd-online-google
Very interesting indeed!

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