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Farid Babadi February 27, 2003 16:30

MAC method
I need a free source code of MAC Method for modeling free surface wavy falling flow. Please e-mail me the source code or the link.

Thanks a lot Farid

Danny Tandra March 2, 2003 18:26

Re: MAC method

Danny Tandra

kenn March 4, 2003 04:03

Re: MAC method
MAC was excellent, but outdated. Volume of Fluid is better. and Arbitrary Lagarangian Euler could better.

all these above three teckniques are explicit

if you really are a serious researcher, I'll recommend you to use Level Set Method, which is implicit.

kenn March 4, 2003 05:38

1. volume of fluid JCP 39, 201-225(1981), by C.W.Hirt

2. ALE JCP 14, 227-253(1974), by C.W.Hirt

3. Level Set "Level Set Methods and fast Marching Methods" by J.A.Sethian, 2nd edition cambridge 1999

MAC was explained together with first appearance of projection method in a report by Harlow.

Jim Park March 4, 2003 10:16

Re: MAC method
"all these above three teckniques are explicit"

Actually all three are semi-implicit. By this I mean that, for each time step, the momentum equations are advanced in time explicitly. Then the pressure (continuity) eqaution is time advanced implicitly. Finally the advanced-time pressure is used for the final continuity-satisfying corrections to the velocities.

So you wind up iterating only the pressure equation. But the allowable time step is limited by the explicit treatment of momentum at the beginning of each cycle.

It's often a useful trade-out if you really want to see a transient solution. And that's where Harlow et al started.

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