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centaur_ks March 3, 2003 14:27

ICEM CFD - Multiblock mesh
does anyone know how to marge blocks in ICEM CFD ? I generated my multiblock structured mesh and when i imported it into my solver i see each blocks seperately in my region manager.

I have 3 regions in my assembly so i have 3 different material zones. what i want to do is, marge all the blocks of each materials into one block so that in my solver i just see one block for each volume i.e material.

thanks in advance

Martin Nilsson March 4, 2003 14:21

Re: ICEM CFD - Multiblock mesh
What you need to do is to give all three blocks the same material. This is different from blocking. Blocking only deals with the topology and has little to do with what material is defined for each block.

Look under the material menu and set the material for all three blocks the same. That should do the trick. I usually name it FLUID or LIVE, these names are recognized by Fluent and CFX. What solver are you running btw?

Merging block for topology reasons is different and done under the topo or blocking menu I think, i don't have ICEM open right now.


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