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Jason March 17, 2003 10:42

About Courant (CFL) number
Any body can suggest some basic reference about CFL number, for the iteration of time dependent flow cases? Especially the initial paper when CFL number is established. Thanks.

gita March 17, 2003 11:39

Re: About Courant (CFL) number
refer to the classic paper of CFL published in 1928(finite difference methods for PDE).

R. Courant, K. O. Friedrichs and H. Lewy, "Ueber die partiellen Differenzengleichungen der mathematischen Physik," Mathematische Annalen 100 (1928), 32-74. Translated as: "On the partial difference equations of mathematical physics," IBM Journal of Resarch and Development 11 (1967),pp. 215-234.

Tom March 17, 2003 12:11

Re: About Courant (CFL) number

Courant & Friedrichs: Supersonic flows and Shock waves. (Springer-Verlag)

Courant, Isaacson & Rees (1952): On the solution of nonlinear hyperbolic differential equations by finite differences. Comm. Pure and Appl. Math vol 5.

Keller & Lax (1950): Finite difference schemes for hyperbolic systems. LAMS 1201.

The problem of domains of dependence are also discussed in the book

Water waves by Stoker (where I got the above references).


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