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Rich March 26, 2003 10:16

Windows CFD viewing package
I am looking for a package to view 2d/3d grids, vector plots and contour plots etc. (similar to FieldView).

This must run on the Windows platform.

Is there any free software available to do this??? (or 'cheap' software).

Beachcomber March 26, 2003 16:03

Re: Windows CFD viewing package
Try this link for a bunch of options.

If you use any of these, it would be nice to see your feedback here.

Pete March 26, 2003 16:17

Re: Windows CFD viewing package
MayaVi is free, and pretty decent. Handles structured and unstructured grids using PLOT3D or VTK data formats. It plots grid lines, contours, vectors, clipping planes, and such, and outputs images in several formats. It's fairly good once you get used to it, and doesn't take up a lot of disk space.

Check out:

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