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cfd-freak March 27, 2003 09:01

Boundary Layer Thickness

How can we calculated the boundary layer thickness using the cfd-data available.


Manosh March 27, 2003 09:15

Re: Boundary Layer Thickness
you can have a look a standard fluid dynamics book. There is a formula of boundary layer thickness, using this one you can easily find it.

If you have the following book.

Boundary Layer Theory by H. Schlichting & K. Gersten.

Look at the pages 31, 196, 513 as well.


BeachComber March 27, 2003 12:35

Re: Boundary Layer Thickness
Yes, but unless you have a well defined "freestream", your boundary layer thickness is subjective to what you choose as a cutoff for this value.

jay jay okacha March 27, 2003 13:18

Re: Boundary Layer Thickness
Below the cut off value U/Uinfinitiy = 0.99 gives you the boundary layer predicted by CFD computations, then at any location you can measure the thickness.

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