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Jonas Larsson July 18, 1998 11:17

CFD Codes
Tomasz Plewa's "CFD Codes List" is getting a bit old and I think that the CFD community needs something like that. The software section in CFD Online is also one of the most popular sections, and it is hopelessly outdated by now.

I have started working on a new overview of available CFD codes, and I could really use some help. So far I've only dealt with commercial codes.

If you could take the time to look through the section below and tell me what I've missed (a lot so far). My intention is to order the list so that the biggest/most interesting comes first, so please also check the order and tell me if you think I've mixed something up. Thanks in advance!

Major General Purpouse CFD Code Vendors:
  • <LI>Fluent, Inc. (Fluent, Fluent UNS, Rampant, Fidap, ...) <LI>AEA Technology (CFD-4, CFX-5, CFX-Tascflow, ...) <LI>Computational Dynamics Ltd. (Star CD) <LI>CFD Research Corporation (CFD-ACE, ...) <LI>CHAM Ltd. (Phoenics) <LI>Centric Engineering Systems, Inc. (Spectrum) <LI>Exa Corporation (PowerFlow) <LI>Flow Science, Inc. (Flow3D) <LI>Engineering Sciences, Inc. (UNIC-CFD, ...) <LI>Adaptive Research (CFD2000) <LI>Ansys (Flotran)

Pre-processors / Mesh generators:
  • <LI> ICEM CFD Engineering (Tetra, ...) <LI> Pointwise, Inc. (Gridgen)

Post-processors / Visalization:
  • <LI>Computational Engineering International, Inc. (EnSight) <LI>Amtec Engineering, Inc. (Tecplot) <LI>Advanced Visual Systems Inc. (AVS) <LI>ICEM CFD Engineering <LI>Intelligent Light (Fieldview)

Vendors Specializing in Specific Application Areas:
  • <LI>Electronics Cooling
    • <LI>Flomerics (Flotherm)

    • <LI>Numeka


    <LI>Additional Fields?

Johan Wollin July 20, 1998 07:20

Re: CFD Codes
SAMM, external mesh generator

Raza Mirza July 21, 1998 11:30

Re: CFD Codes
Preprocessor/Grid Generator: CFD-GEOM (for block structured, unstructrured (tet), and hybrid meshing)

Postprocessor/data visualization: CFD-VIEW

Tae Gyu LIM July 22, 1998 00:15

Re: CFD Codes
I am a senior researcher at Tong-Yang Magic co. in south KOREA. I have instreated in CFD for analysis of our appliances which are gas range, gas oven range & dish washer. I will take a study about combustion of burner which is my major work.

If you sand me the CFD code, I will be very happy.

Russell King July 22, 1998 06:08

IcePak for Electronics Cooling
Fluent provides IcePak for electronics cooling. It is has the following benefits;

(1)unstructured meshes to accurately represent the geometry (ie, circular fans, round pins, angled plates, etc.)

(2) automatic meshing saves on problem setup time.

(3) real fan curves to predict system impedance and flow rate.

(4) locally variable mixing length turbulence model is automatic.

(5) unified, fully interactive environment for pre, solve and post processing.

(6) 'drag-and-drop', object orientated interface is very easy to use and models can be built very quickly.

(7) no software programming required.

(8) software trials available on request.

IcePak has been specifically written to address electronics cooling and uses the powerful Fluent solver.

KwangWon Suh September 14, 1998 07:08

Re: CFD Codes
CFD-ACE was first developed for chemical reaction flow and has many good capabilities on combustion. If you need more information, visit

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