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Vicky Vigia April 1, 2003 02:34

CFD Algorithms
Hi All,

I am new to CFD, want to create a simulation on fluid dynamics. Where to start?

- Can I use common Rendering API like OpenGL to create one?

- What algorithm should I use, please tell me the relative URL pointers for that algo.

- Above all I don't know anything about Fluid Dynamics or Physical Chemistry!?!

Please Guide Me!

Thankyou, Vicky Vigia

Jonas Larsson April 1, 2003 04:21

Re: CFD Algorithms
Get a good introductory CFD book - you can find several at the CFD Books Guide

Vicky Vigia April 2, 2003 03:02

Re: CFD Algorithms
Thankyou for the reply.

Going by the book is slow, I actually want to pick-up a CFD problem and solve it, by writing/simulating a algo/theory.

I hope you understand! :)

Best Regards, Vicky Vigia

Martin Nilsson April 2, 2003 12:10

Re: CFD Algorithms
There are no (few) shortcuts into the world of CFD. Before you can start solving anything, or writing a code for that matter, you need to know the theory. Otherwise the code you write will be complete junk. It is not like writing a ray-tracing code, for example. That is relatively simple and the theory is not very complex.

And for learning the theory a book is your best bet. Veersteg and Malalasekera have written a good one: an introduction to fluid mechanics.

Good luck,


Vicky Vigia April 3, 2003 02:19

Re: CFD Algorithms
OKie, I'll go by the book! And update you.

Thanks For Your Guidance,

Vicky Vigia

zxaar April 3, 2003 06:31

Re: CFD Algorithms
writing CFD code will be little complicated approach but will be good learning.

well, to start people usually consult SV Patankar's book. that you might get easily. otherwise there is one more good book if you get, try this:

An Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics the finite volume method


H. K. Versteeg and W. Malalasekera Longman Scientific and Techincal (publishers)

Vicky Vigia April 3, 2003 06:59

Re: CFD Algorithms
"writing CFD code will be little complicated approach but will be good learning" - Well said!

This is exactly what I am looking for. I want to use my Image Processing knowledge to learn (and) to create this simulation.

So... I'll go by the book (atlast!)

Best Regards, Vicky Vigia

L. Aouanouk April 14, 2003 12:39

Re: CFD Algorithms
hi i'm working on CFD problem , and i've used Malaasekera book of finite volume method it costs about 59$ but it's excellent book for introduction .

good luck

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