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Glenn Horrocks February 28, 1999 20:23

Sliding box validation required
Hi everybody,

I've just written a code to model sliding mesh interfaces, and I am looking for a suitable validation case. I'm looking for a published work using sliding mesh interfaces to model (for example) two blocks sliding relative to each other, causing the flow to be "throttled", and then be completely stopped as the sliding action causes the interface between the blocks to become smaller then disappear.

Alternatively, any work using a sliding mesh boundary with both inter-block boundaries and wall boundaries on the same interface would do. I'm not stressed whether it is experimental or numerical.

I've already had a good look for suitable papers, but unsuccessfully so far.

Any help would be appreciated.

Regards, Glenn

Joern Beilke March 1, 1999 08:00

Re: Sliding box validation required
have a look at

If it helps you we can share some data.

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