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frederic felten April 10, 2003 17:24

RANS model for near wake region
Hi there,

I am seeking some information regarding the most appropriate type of RANS model one should use when simulating the flow around an airfoil.

So far, I have coded and validated the Baldwin-Lomax for the region over the airfoil, but I am wondering about two things: 1)- How to adapt this model to the wake region of the airfoil (since you don't have a wall anymore, there are no y+)? 2)- Is there a better (simple) model out there ?

In addition, I am seeking some data (experimental or computational) for the incompressible turbulent flow around an airfoil. I am especially interested in boundary layer profiles!!

If you have any information on both of these matters, please feel free to share your knowledge with me.


Frederic Felten.

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