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Eep Saeful April 21, 2003 11:26

AutoCad to CFD
Dear Sir/Mam Is the CFD can import AutoCad drawing, and how to do it? If I want to use two difference material, eq: coating powder and air. Is CFD can use it.? Because right now i study about Pneumatic Conveying and i analyze fluid flow in ejector..

Thank and Regrads


Anton Lyaskin April 22, 2003 03:47

Re: AutoCad to CFD
You can export your AutoCAD drawing as IGES or as STL file. Most CFD codes can import them. For me IGES is good for 2D drawings and STL for 3D surfaces.

Regards, Anton

Selina Tracy April 23, 2003 00:36

Re: AutoCad to CFD
Could you explain why you prefer STL over IGES for 3D. IGES can have beautiful NURBS for 3D. Does STL have such a feature? -Selina Tracy

Anton Lyaskin April 29, 2003 03:12

Re: AutoCad to CFD
It's only my personal opinion. The problem is not in the IGES format itself but in the way AutoCAD exports it and in the way the software I use read it. For this particular combination of codes I often get badly defined surfaces (gaps, holes and etc.) with IGES.

Daniel May 1, 2003 19:32

Re: AutoCad to CFD
Hi, Anton,

Can be the exported file used in CFX 5.5?


Holidays May 2, 2003 08:42

Re: AutoCad to CFD
That is true Anton, depending on the CAD from which it is created IGES files can be a right pain to fix.

Anton Lyaskin May 5, 2003 04:51

Re: AutoCad to CFD
Probably the problem is that I'm using an old version of AutoCAD - R14. But for me it's more convenient to use IGES for keypoints an edges, from wich I can built a multi-block mesh, and STL for surfaces for automatic mesh generation. Both IGES and STL from AutoCAD can't give me surfaces wich I can use "as is", but IGES gives problems wich require plenty of "hand work" for fixing and STL gives problems wich can be fixed with automatic remeshing (I'm using STAR-CD with ProAM).

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