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Neil Gansebom April 21, 2003 13:46

Turbine Blade Design
I'm looking for software or a design specialist to help me develop a small turbine/rotor for a turbine flow sensor. I have all the design guidelines, but need help in development of the blades. Can anyone help please?

afeng0796 October 28, 2009 00:31

You can use Cfx-Bladegen or Numeca-Autoblade

sircorp October 28, 2009 02:34

Turbine Blade Design
Good afternoon Neil

Please contact at Institute of Sustainability. One of the gentleman is expert in designing the Turbine Blade.

For full details contact

Dr. Brian Kirke
Institute of Sustainability
Depart of Mechanical Engineering
University of South Australia
Adelaide Australia

umairrasheed99 March 15, 2015 04:47

Sir i am new this forum...kindly tell me what type of NACA series used for Low pressure steam turbine blade profile ...

fluid23 March 16, 2015 16:15

one word.


umairrasheed99 March 19, 2015 09:18

after tired from google....i came here.....

fluid23 March 19, 2015 09:23

Ok, Four words.

NASA Technical Reports Server

umairrasheed99 March 21, 2015 13:53

thanks bro.........
i have found coordinates for blade profile.if any other problem i will face then i will contact you again...thanks

umairrasheed99 March 24, 2015 14:07

1 Attachment(s)
sir i have face problem to make mesh of turbine blade.plz help how to make
mesh like that :
Attachment 38068

fluid23 March 24, 2015 14:11

You should create a new thread for this in the user forum for whatever software you are using and include more info. Simply showing a picture and saying 'how do I do this?' isn't going to get much response. Do you have ANY mesh? Are you asking people to teach you HOW to mesh? Be specific and direct, but above all.... ask it in the proper forum.

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