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Abhishek Seth March 5, 1999 11:07

Finite volume Method
Hi I am a student at IIT-d(Indian Institute of Tecnology). I am interested in developing a code for CVD. Can someone provide me some sort of notes, manual etc. Any help will be highly welcomed.


John C. Chien March 5, 1999 11:27

Re: Finite volume Method
(1). you need to know the language, such as Fortran, C or BASIC, (2). you need to have a computer with Fortran or C compiler,(3). you need to know fluid dynamics, (4). you need to know how to define your CFD problem, (5). you need to know how to write down the governing equations and the associated boundary conditions, (6). you need to know the numerical methods for CFD,(7). you need to know how to convert the governing equations and boundary conditions into algebraic equations through finite-difference, finite-volume or finite-element methods,(8). you need to know how to solve these algebraic equations,(9).before you even start solving your equations, you need to know how to create the geometry model of your problem and also the computational mesh for the solver,(10).you need to know how to visualize the geometry, the mesh, the result through graphic programs. (11). after all these exercises, you will be ready to write the code ( this is a straightforward step),(12).if you are lucky, you have the answer for your problem. if you have trouble, come here and ask questions. (somewhere along the line, you will run into the turbulence modeling problem, but I think, at that point you will be able to read technical papers.)

Dr. Tanmay Sarkar March 9, 1999 14:57

Re: Finite volume Method
Start with reading the book Numerical Heat Transfer & Fluid Flow by S.V. Patanker. This will set you in the right track. By the way what is your application area.

Dr. Osman S. Borekci March 17, 1999 03:00

Re: Finite volume Method
I think John C. Chien covered quite well what's involved in CFD code development. Let me add that with devotion to the subject there is also great enjoyment involved. As a starting point I suggest that you take a look at the text " An Introductýon to Computational Fluid Dynamics : The Finite Volume Method" by H.K. Versteeg & W. Malalasekera published by Longman, 1995(latest reprint is dated 1998). This text represents a good balance between theory and application. I'm sure it will get you going in no time. Good luck.

Abhishek Seth March 19, 1999 08:19

Re: Finite volume Method
Dear Sir,

I would like to thank you for your valuable help. However to the best of my knowledge these books, the one suggested by you (An Introduction toComputational Fluid Dynamics : The Finite Volume Method" by H.K. Versteeg & W. Malalasekera published by Longman,) and the one suggested by Dr. Tanmay Sarkar (Patankar) are not available in the market here (India) or in our institute Library.

Will it be possible for you to send me a copy of this book ?

Thanking you for you concern

Yours sincerely Abhishek Seth

Ramendra Sahoo March 19, 1999 10:11

Re: Finite volume Method
Hi Abhisek, This is regarding the availability of Patanker's book (Numerical H.T. & Fluid Flow) in India. This is something like a bible for all numerical methods/FV people. I am sure someone will have a copy of it. Atleast this book was available in IITM/IITK library. I would suggest you to talk to any PhD student in heat transfer/CFD or some faculties like Prof. Date in IITB or Prof. Muralidhar/Prof. Biswas in IITK.

Good luck.


Dr. Tanmay Sarkar March 22, 1999 12:29

Re: Finite volume Method
Dear Abhishek, May I know where in India are you located. I may suggest some location then where you can look for Patanker's book. Other book is recent one which you may not get. Why don't you contact a book shop (for tech books)they may help you in getting the book. If you are in one of the IIT's contact your library.

Abhishek Seth April 14, 1999 03:57

Re: Finite volume Method
Dear Sir, Thanks for the reference suggested by you earlier. I have read the book by Patankar and have written a code for a channel flow using power law scheme, on a staggerred grid. I am inquisitive about 2 more things and wonder if you could guide me. Firstly I would like to learn something about collocated methods. (Patankar uses Staggered grids). Second is PISO algorithm. I have searched for collocated method and have found some material (Int. Journal for numerical methods in Engg, 1981, pg 1094) but that does not seems to be enough.

Hoping for an affirmative response from you

Abhishek Seth IIT -Delhi India

Duane Baker April 15, 1999 01:49

Re: Finite volume Method

a few of the key references on colocated pressure-velocity methods are:

1. Rhie, C.M. and Chow, W.L.(1983) A numerical study of the turbulent flow past an isolated airfoil with trailing edge separation. AIAA J. 21, 1525-1532

2. Peric', M., Kessler, R.,Scheuerer, G. (1988) "Comparison of finite volume methods with staggered and colocated grids". Computers and Fluids, 16, 63-82

as for the PISO: Issa, R.I. (1986) Solution of implicitly discretized fluid flow equations by operator splitting. J. Comput. Phys., 62, PP 40-65 the author is Issa but I do not have the reference material handy!

It sounds to me that a good next step for you would be to get a copy of Ferziger and Peric's text: "Computational Methods for Fluid Dynamics"...that is where I got the above references from and it is a well written overall text that brings one more up to date with some of the modern algorithms than Patankar's book!

good luck.....................................Duane

Dr. Tanmay Sarkar April 16, 1999 12:05

Re: Finite volume Method
Hi! Dr. Sekhar Majumdar of NAL, Bangalore developed a technique using Colocated grid. You may ask him for help. Also Peric and Ferziger's book is a good one with many references. For PISO you may consult Versteeg & Malasekera's book.

Abhishek Seth April 20, 1999 07:22

Re: Finite volume Method
Thanks Dr. Sarkar, and Mr. Baker for your help. I'll look for the references.


Abhishek Seth April 22, 1999 07:53

Re: Finite volume Method
Dear Sir, I am unable to find a contact adress for Dr Majumdar. Kindly send me his e-mail/ postal address. Once again thanks for the references that you had send earlier.

Abhishek Seth IIT- Delhi

Dr. Tanmay Sarkar April 22, 1999 08:24

Re: Finite volume Method
I am sorry that I do not have his e-mail or postal address here. He is very well known in CFD community in India. You may contact somebody in Aerospace Engineering at IIT Delhi to know the address of NAL - Bangalore. He is in CFD group of NAL-Bangalore. Hope this helps.

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