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Apurva Shukla March 6, 1999 07:06

Rotating frames for Turbomachine
Hello, I am looking for litreture on rotating frames for rotor stator interaction of turbo machines. I precisely want to know how we will calculate the fluxes at the block interface, when one block is moving and other stationary. I am using multiblock algorithm and using cartesian coordinate system instead of cylindrical coordinates. Please guide me on the above problem, I have gone through a lot of Papers, but I could not get the information about inteface flux calculation. Please also guide me on the numbering of the blocks when pitch is notsame for stator & rotor.

John C. Chien March 8, 1999 12:42

Re: Rotating frames for Turbomachine
(1). for steady state 3-D, look under J.D. Denton or W.N. Dawes in ASME paper or Journal of Turbomachinery, (2). for transient 3-D, look for papers from NASA/Ames or NASA/Lewis research laboritories,(3). some commercial codes may have options to deal such boundary conditions. (4) it is a very specific problem and you need to find the right papers. But, the above two types of conditions are fairly common in multi-stage turbomachinery calculations. ( don't ask me for the details) By the way, you can also look into VKI publications.

franck bertagnolio March 15, 1999 04:19

Re: Rotating frames for Turbomachine

These two papers might be of interest...

Perng, Murthy , 'A sliding mesh technique for simulation of flow in mixing tanks', Proc. ASME Winter Annual Meeting, New Orleans, 1993, pp 1-9.

Arnone, Pacciani, Sestini, 'Multigrid computations of unsteady rotor stator interaction using the Navier-Stokes equations', J. Fluid Engng., 117, pp 647-652 (1995).



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