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Jonathan Dursi March 6, 1999 19:16

`Crushed' turbulence
I'm looking for some information which I assume is out there somewhere, but I can't find.

I'm interested (for astrophysical applications) in what happens to a turbulent (and, eventually, reacting) fluid when it's compressed. I thought for sure that this would come up in internal combustion engine literature, but if it is, I can't find it. (Or, properly, what I can find doesn't interest me so much; the wall and injection in the cylinder effects seem to completely dominate the turbulence in a reciprocating engine.)

Can anyone give me some pointers?

John C. Chien March 8, 1999 10:33

Re: `Crushed' turbulence
(1). I don't know whether the turbulence is sensitive to the compressibility effect(Mach number) or not. Probably not. (2). So, what you are really saying is the effect due to boundary volume change. Since the Reynolds stresses are typically modelled in terms of the eddy viscosity, or length scale, one can expect that volume reduction will have direct impact on the Reynolds stresses. (3). Say, near a wall, length scale ~ k * y, then, volume reduction means the length scale reduction. (4). I don't know whether the current turbulence models can be used for the astrophysical applications.

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