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Abdul Hafid Elfaghi March 7, 1999 04:13

Boundary conditinos in PHOENICS
I am doing a simulation on turbine blade heat transfer using PHOENICS. could any one tell me how to write these boundary conditions using PHOENICS Input Language (PIL) commands group (13)

The boundary conditions are: -

Inlet: -

Total temperature(K): 409.2 Total inlet pressure (bar):0.822 Mach number: 0.15 Reynolds number 1.2048E+5 Temperature (K) 407.37 Pressure (bar) 0.809 Density (kg/m**3) 0.692 Velocity (m/s) 60.70 Dynamic viscosity(kg/m.s) 2.3581E-05 Kinematic viscosity (m2/s) 3.4079E-05

Outlet: -

Mach number: 1.135 Reynolds number: 5.4770E+5 Temperature (K): 325.37 Pressure (bar): 0.369 Density (kg/m**3): 0.395 Velocity (m/s): 410.45 Dynamic viscosity (kg/m.s): 2.000E-05 Kinematic viscosity (m2/s): 5.0696E-05

Wall temperature (k): 301.95 Free stream turbulence 6.0 %

Thank you in advanca

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