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dragson May 28, 2003 09:34

help on silo file system
Now for work's need, I need to know the silo grid file addressed by MeshTV and VisIt,it's struture and how to write it. thanks!

andy May 28, 2003 10:21

Re: help on silo file system
go to and type:

"meshtv silo"

dragson May 28, 2003 10:36

Re: help on silo file system
thanks for your kind. I already have a copy of silo's user guide , but find it that it's too complexity, for program's seek, some difficulty in realizition it in win2000's operaton system.could yougive me some more advice!

andy May 28, 2003 11:23

Re: help on silo file system
It is documented, open source and supported by LLNL (though I have not checked the latter). It compiled with no problems on my unix system. It is more for structural problems than CFD problems though.

I checked the system a while ago and the plotting of a scalar variable required 4 function calls: create database, put mesh, put variable, close database. I got this from the introduction in the silo reference manual. Meshtv read the file without a problem. Perhaps things get more complicated later?

If you have problems developing code on Windows then install FreeBSD, Solaris or Linux which are all free for PC hardware. Most CFD software will have been developed on unix-like systems.

If you are struggling with open software from LLNL then I would suggest sticking with pre-built executables. The cost of fieldview, tecplot or whatever is likely to be less than the time you lose messing around.

dragson May 29, 2003 07:44

Re: help on silo file system
Thanks for your kindness,on the help of one of my good friends, he is a linux expert, seggust by him, and more work done by himself ,today we get the first result---the example supplied by the "silo user guide" writting the silo files.maybe more work need to be done,but we happy to get the result. we work on Solaris sunos.any how thank you.

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