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Andrea Panizza June 6, 2003 06:34

Rarefied Gas Dynamics

I woudl like to ask you infos about codes (commercial or not) for Rarefied Gas Dynamics, or sites where you think I coudl be able to find something.



Jack McInerney June 8, 2003 01:38

Re: Rarefied Gas Dynamics
You might consider a DSMC (Monte Carlo) code. Graeme Bird has written some:


Michael Elford June 8, 2003 03:12

Re: Rarefied Gas Dynamics
My uni has a special interest in hypersonics modelling and experimentation. There is one person who specilises in kinetic thoery modelling (using DSMC). His web page is:

Hope this helps.


Jason Long July 15, 2003 07:45

Re: Rarefied Gas Dynamics
I'm looking for information related to higher order extensions of the NS equations, in particular Burnett equations, to predict rarefied flows.

Any help here?


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